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Production of physical models designed by the user via computer software has never been easier. It is almost like a replication technology seen in different science fiction shows and movies. A three dimensional objects are created by the electromechanical device commonly called 3D printer. This device is very similar to the CNC machines, but unlike them the 3D printer starts with an empty workspace and uses different types of raw material for the desired object production. Layer by layer, step by step, designed digital model production is happening right in front of the designer.

Today, the 3D printers are commercially available but their price is still too high and prevents this technology to be widely adopted. Nevertheless, there is a big and still growing DIY community related to the 3D printing. Although, there are complete DIY 3D printer projects, project team has decided to build our own 3D printer, right from the scratch. Building completely new 3D printer enables better and through roughly understanding of this technology, presents challenge to improve already presented designs and gives us opportunity to participate in great and helpful 3D printing DIY community.

The Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest gave encouragement to realization of the Low Cost 3D Printer project. The analog devices portfolio of the TI fits the needs of the 3D printer project in many ways. The motor control solutions as well as the wide range of analog signal conditioning devices makes design of the 3D printer more feasible and reliable. Furthermore, the low cost MSP430 platform presents great extension to the analog circuitry.